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Special Opening Times - May-June 2023
Over the next few weeks, there are a Bank Holidays, the school half term break and, of course, the Coronation. Here's a summary of the extra opening days for the Museum - and we won't be open at all on Coronation Day, as the indication is that most people will be watching the event on TV.

1st May - Early May Bank Holiday (Monday) - Museum Open
6th May - Coronation Day (Saturday) - Museum Closed All Day
8th May - Bank Holiday (Monday) - Museum Open
21st May - 'Art in the Museum' event (Sunday) - Museum open from 10.00am to 4.00pm, free bus from Walsall.
29th May - Spring Bank Holiday (Monday) - Museum Open
31st May/1st June - Half Term (Wednesday/Thursday) - Museum Open

Other than these days, our normal opening of Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday each week will apply. Opening hours are 10.30am to 4.00pm (except where shown).

We hope that you will like the extra opening during the Bank Holidays and at Half-term - do come and see our vehicles and other exhibits. Remember our 'Art in the Museum' event on Sunday 21st May, too - with a free bus service from Walsall.
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What to expect at our museum...
 A wide range of vehicles
 Commercial Vehicles
 Private Cars
 Transport Memorabilia
 ... All with a West Midlands connection.
You will also see vehicles in various stages of restoration, and we intend to have many of these back to roadworthy condition soon.
New! Take a virtual tour!
We need your help!

The Museum is a charity run by volunteers and entirely self-funded, we cannot survive without your help. If you'd like to help us out, please consider donating below.


Extra Event - Art in the Museum, 21st May
Announcement26-04-2023 21:06
Just added a new Event to the list - our Art in the Museum day, on 21st May.

It will include a live Arts Studio and an Art Gallery with displays by local artists, in the environment of the Transport Museum. Artists at work and lots of pictures to admire.

Normal admission applies - £4 adult, £2 child, plus family ticket available. Free bus from Walsall (Hatherton Road) at 10.20 and half-hourly.
Spring Running Day - Thanks!
Important23-04-2023 22:44 (Updated: 26-04-2023 21:07)
A quick thank you to everyone who contributed to our Running Day today - volunteers, vehicle owners, stall holders and visitors. Everyone seemed to have a good time and most of the free bus rides went out full or nearly full.

It was a shame a couple of promised visiting vehicles were unable to attend at the last moment, but special thanks must go to the National Express team and others who ran extra journeys.

We were lucky with the weather, too - after an unpromising start, the day dried up and we had good weather - the rain came only a few minutes after the last buses were put away.

Thanks again for coming. (more pictures soon).
Spring Running Day
Announcement16-04-2023 13:49 (Updated: 23-04-2023 22:42)
Our Spring Running Day will be next Sunday, 23rd April. We're still waiting for the final details of visiting vehicles, but we will be running three routes and a range of buses giving the free rides.

The doors will open at 10.00am; as usual, you can get the details of the timetable and vehicle allocation when you pay the entrance fee and are given a Programme, but the first free feeder service from Walsall (Hatherton Road) will depart at 10.20, and then every half an hour. The feeder buses will also call at the Community Centre Park and Ride site in Aldridge from 10.34.

The buses should include the first public run of the MCW Metrorider, 685 in the West Midlands and Metrowest fleets, after a restoration taking over 10 years.

Please note that there is very limited parking near the Museum, so please use the Community Centre carpark, off Middlemore Lane (WS9 8AN), and come in by bus for the last part of the journey.

Any queries on the day, please ring 01922 454761 - please do not try and use Facebook or Messenger as they are not monitored during the event.
Richard Gould
Announcement14-04-2023 10:57
+ 1 more
We were very sorry to learn of the death of Richard Gould, who, despite his disabilities, had been a great supporter of the Museum for many years. While he was able, he regularly came to the Museum and helped us with looking after the fleet and enjoyed chatting about buses, of which he had a wide knowledge.

We send our condolences to his family and thank them for dedicating donations in Richard's name to the Museum.
Easter Opening
Other07-04-2023 10:11 (Updated: 16-04-2023 13:23)
It's Easter weekend, so we are closed on Good Friday, open as normal on Saturday and Sunday, open for Bank Holiday Easter Monday and then again as normal on Tuesday. No buses are planned to run but remember that we are happy for visitors to get inside most of our buses and have a proper look around.

We are expecting a visit on Monday (12.00 onwards) from a Bond Bug Club, so expect to see a group of these striking three-wheelers parked in front of the Museum - a spectacle in their own right! (Picture below)

We will be very pleased to see you and your family during the Easter break.
Easter Opening
Announcement07-04-2023 10:10 (Updated: 07-04-2023 10:11)
It's Easter weekend, so we are closed on Good Friday, open as normal on Saturday and Sunday, open for Bank Holiday Easter Monday and then again as normal on Tuesday. No buses are planned to run but remember that we are happy for visitors to get inside most of our buses and have a proper look around.

We are expecting a visit on Monday (12.00 onwards) from a Bond Bug Club, so expect to see a group of these striking three-wheelers parked in front of the Museum - a spectacle in their own right! (Picture below)

We will be very pleased to see you and your family during the Easter break.
A visit from Wendy
General06-04-2023 11:10 (Updated: 06-04-2023 11:13)
+ 3 more
We were very pleased to welcome Wendy Morton MP to the Museum on Monday, 3rd April, for a walk around and a chat about the way the Museum hopes to move forward. We hope that she enjoyed her visit - as well as being reunited with her favourite exhibit, our 1954 Austin A40 ice-cream van.

(Pictures courtesy Wendy Morton MP).
Free Admission to National Lottery Ticket Holders
Announcement12-03-2023 19:16 (Updated: 06-04-2023 11:14)
The Museum was overwhelmed by the number of visitors attracted by the National Lottery free entrance event. We do hope that you enjoyed your visit and will come and see us again soon.

Several visitors assumed that we get reimbursed for the entrance money we didn't take during the event. We get nothing back to recompense the Museum for the lost revenue, but the event has given us lots of additional publicity and, hopefully, a lot more friends. Remember, if you would like to donate what you would have spent - just follow the donate link below!

Evening Running Day - Saturday 11th March 2023
Important08-03-2023 16:51 (Updated: 12-03-2023 19:16)
We are really sorry to say that we have decided to cancel the Running Day event on Saturday 11th March. Although the snow seems to be thawing at the moment, there is a considerable amount on the road and the forecourt and the weather forecast suggests there could be more on the way. Out of fairness to all who were bringing vehicles and sales stands, we needed to make the decision as soon as possible.

The Museum will be open as normal on Saturday and Sunday, from 10.30am.
Evening Running Day - Saturday 11th March 2023
Important08-03-2023 16:49 (Updated: 08-03-2023 17:02)
In answer to lots of queries, at the moment the Running Day on Saturday is still going ahead; there is no snow here so far and it looks as if we will be close to the edge of where there will be heavier snow - but not clear which side of that edge!

As soon as a final decision is made, we will pot it here and on the website - keep looking.
Fascinating Pictures
General18-02-2023 10:43 (Updated: 10-03-2023 15:18)
+ 1 more
You may have seen elsewhere, and in the Express and Star, that we were donated an amazing collection of glass negatives, dating back to around 1930. 

We are now starting to work on the negatives, cataloguing them and copying a few when we have the chance. Eventually, we hope to look for a grant to have them professionally digitised, but we thought a couple of pictures might spark some interest.

The negatives were originally from the Birmingham Corporation Tramways Permanent Way Department, so, who is the gentleman in the header picture? Probably the Tramway Superintendent, judging from the telephones and the map behind him. The other picture is Witton Lane - and in the far background can be seen Witton Tram Depot, our previous home. Lots more to come!
'Working Towards Accreditation'
Announcement27-01-2023 14:27
We're pleased to say that the Museum has been formally accepted as Working Towards Accreditation. What does mean? Up to now, our procedures have been entirely up to us, but we have always tried to work to accepted standards. By working towards accreditation, we will be ensuring that our records meet accepted National standards and we that can show that we look after all our exhibits and artefacts in the most appropriate way.
If this all sounds like hard work, the compensation is that we will open the door to more professional advice and to new funding streams, as well as formal recognition as a Museum. We have three years to get to the required standards, so there will be a lot of hard work ahead. Wish us luck!
We're waiting for you to come and see us - soon!
Announcement06-01-2023 21:18 (Updated: 10-03-2023 15:19)
The days are getting longer and the Museum isn't (quite) as cold as it has been recently. We're waiting to greet you when you visit the Museum - we're open every Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday, 10.30 to 16.00. No need to book - pay at the door when you arrive (cash or card welcome).

If you want to bring a party - maybe a club or Church group, or a school - drop in and ask, or drop us an e-mail; we can sometimes accommodate you on other days if necessary. Vehicle Groups are especially welcome - bring your collection and park them on our forecourt! We hope to see you soon.
'A Walk through the Museum' Videos Revised and Updated
General03-12-2022 20:36
The original 'Walk through the Museum' videos were prepared during lockdown, to give a flavour of what you could see were the Museum to be open normally.

They have proved popular, but we have now revised them to reflect changes in our exhibits and also to recognise that you may not be able to visit in person, even though we are now open normally. 

Clicking the 'Virtual Tour' button above will take you to our YouTube playlist, where you'll find the original and revised videos - as we go to press, three out of the four videos have been fully updated, one still to go.

If you like them, why not give us a bit of support - entrance is £4, so why not click the PayPal donation button above and help us maintain the exhibits for your future enjoyment.
Christmas and Mince Pies
Announcement03-12-2022 20:12 (Updated: 03-12-2022 20:42)
The main events of 2022 are over, but remember that we have a Christmas-themed day on Sunday, 11th December, when Great Barr brass will be joining us at 13.00 to give us a couple of hours of Christmas music, while you will be welcome to hot mince pies.
Rare Ticket Machine on Display
General03-12-2022 19:29
Now on display is a rare Verometer ticket machine, dating from the 1930s. These were among the first machines to print tickets as they were issued and were widely used by Midland Red, as well as Lincoln Corporation, in whose home town they were made by Clayton. More information to follow on 'Our Collection' pages.
New Vacancies
Announcement14-04-2022 11:22 (Updated: 14-04-2022 15:31)
We've added some new positions to the vacancies page. Click here to find out more.
No Booking!
Important19-03-2022 11:30 (Updated: 03-12-2022 19:24)
Just a reminder that we don't require advance bookings - just come along and pay at the desk when you arrive. Cash or cards are equally acceptable - any queries, ring the Museum during opening hours or drop an E-mail to .
2023 Events Programme
Announcement04-02-2022 22:32 (Updated: 03-12-2022 22:59)
The first poster for the 2023 events has now been published! As time goes on, we'll issue updates and put more details on the Events page.

Donations - at no cost to you.
General02-09-2021 23:59
In the past few months, our supporters have donated an extra few pounds to us - at no cost to themselves! By registering on their Amazon account to support the Museum (listed as Aston Manor Road Transport Museum Limited) through , a small percentage of Amazon's income comes to the Museum, at no extra cost to you. It's easy to set up - just follow the link at the top of this page. All you need to remember is to go onto Amazon via your page and the rest happens automatically.

Amounts are small per transaction - but they all add up! We've just had enough from Smile.Amazon to pay for a vital spare part, so every little hlps!
Back to Normal........ Nearly
General09-08-2021 12:26
Just another reminder that we are almost back to normal - open on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, 10.30 to 16.00 (last admission about 15.30). We're still asking for social distancing and for you to follow the indicated route, where appropriate, and to register with the track and trace system, as many of our volunteers are in the vulnerable category. Apart from that, come and have a wander - most of the vehicles are open at least as far as the door, so you can have a good look inside.

We've had lots of books and models donated, so the shop is well stocked, too - at all prices, so plenty of pocket money toys available.

Give us a look - we look forward to seeing you.
Why Not Join Us?
General27-06-2021 16:55
If you like what we are doing, why not join us as a Member? Membership is just £25 a year, which will give you free entry to the Museum and four regular Newsletters. You'll also have the opportunity to have your say at the Annual General Meeting and, of course, to contribute by giving us a bit of assistance if you would like. Life membership is also available; details on request.

We're a friendly group of people and would love to have more of you as part of our organisation. We'll get a Membership Form added to this page soon, but for now, if you'd like to join, drop us an e-mail to and we'll send one across to you.
Donate while you shop!
Important05-05-2021 15:08
In the current situation, there will be a lot more online shopping by everyone. Did you know? You can donate to us while you shop without any extra cost to you! Simply use Amazon Smile or EasyFundraising and select us as your charity. 

See section above for details.

Upcoming Events

 We regularly hold themed events at the museum, including free bus rides!
Annual Running Day
Free bus service from Walsall to the museum.
More details to come!
Models in the Museum
Free bus service from Walsall to the museum.
More details to come!
Heritage Open Days
National event with free admission.
More details to come!